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Ceramic bongs or water pipes as they are frequently known have actually been utilized thoroughly by numerous cultures as an efficient means to cleanse smoke for use in routines and for medical purposes. This is due to that whichever smoke that passes over the warm water in the bongs arises from the various other end in a lot more cleansed state. One of the most commonly made use of bongs for breathing in medical natural herbs such as cannabis are the slim bongs and the portable bongs. These 2 type of bongs are available in nearly any online bong store. Their dimensions as their name suggests are little as the handheld bongs as well as barely gauge even more compared to 6 inches in dimension. Their tiny dimension makes them simple to pack as well as bring about for use anywhere if you are the type that travels a lot. One more identifying attribute for the ceramic bongs discussed above is their cost; they are much as well as big inexpensive bongs as they normally cost under $50 each.
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