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Designed for general purpose industrial wipes and towels to outperform rags and dealing with routine cleaning and industrial maintenance. Wypall towels from Kimberly Clark and Sellars replace spaces red rag to use. Find L40 Wypall X80 Wipers and more.
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Kategorie: Finanzen high vis clothing
Rain or snow will not stop safety with our garments towards Hello available in orange or lime green with a solid network and fabrics. Source ANSI Class 3 T-shirts, blouses, sweaters as well as the E-Class bib pants.
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Kategorie: Finanzen Mesh safety vests
Source category 1, category 2 or 3 in the safety vests of different colors and patterns such as safety vests separatist, surveyor and traffic. ANSI rated network or poly OK-1 ®. Radian safety vests ® reflective stripes provide the highest level of visibility in dangerous places.
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Kategorie: Finanzen Full brim hard hats
Get smart protection against head injury with adjustable comfortable toppers like disk. Fixed construction hats that are the source of the brim full or standard style from companies such as MSA and Pollard. Find high-quality hard hats at economical prices.
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Kategorie: Finanzen Disposable coveralls
A unique texture in disposable coveralls Tyvek and Tyvek protective suits gives protection against the safety of dry and liquid particles initially light. DuPont Coveralls Tychem are ideal for use in food and chemical processing, oil refining, and pulp.
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Kategorie: Finanzen Black nitrile gloves
A high-performance, industrial quality, and nitrile gloves 5 ??- ml of latex and powder free. The color preferred by technicians, mechanics and staff who want to reform the gloves to appear cleaner and neater when dealing with oil, grease, inks and other materials that leave dark spots and waste. Provides superior comfort and strength along with touch sensitivity. Three times puncture resistance of latex or vinyl gloves compared. Textured to enhance dexterity.
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Kategorie: Finanzen Disposable gloves
Guard against pollution, cleaning chemicals and the incidence of disposable nitrile gloves disposable gloves or latex. Disposable gloves are ideal for industrial action in the maintenance of applications, and manufacturing or laboratory. Blue Source and black nitrile gloves.
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Kategorie: Finanzen Safety supplies
Supply Line Direct is a leading supplier of national sorbent, safety equipment, and supplies safety, safety signs OSHA, safety vests traffic, coveralls disposable gloves from manufacturers such as MECHANIX and Ansell, and respirators 3M. Choose from a variety of display products safety that help companies comply with EPA, OSHA, and other regulations. Make sure your employees, business, and the environment is safe!
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