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Sports that involve a person riding on a board can be done in two ways. People can choose if they want to do it on water or land. Skate boarding is done on land while surfing is done on waters. Skating can be done on ramps and it has evolved ever since it was being accepted by the society as a kind of sport.
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Kategorie: Blogs Introduction to EZ-PD CCG2: USB Type-C Cable Controller,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:900-4294938421 . CCG2 is a programmable, single-chip solution specifically made for Type-C cables and accessories.CCG2 provides a complete USB Type-C and Power Delivery solution for cables. This video shows 3 kits: CCG2 EMCA Demo kit, CCG1 Host Demo kit & CCG1 Client demo kit.
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