Bookmarks zum Tag azoteq Azoteq - Solutions for Headphones Azoteq can add some nice features to your headphones. Touch interface, Trackpad, Trackpad with buttons, Capacitive slide, Wear detection, and Touch mute.
azoteq headphones-solutions
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Kategorie: News Azoteq - New Features for Gaming Controller Design Azoteq gaming controller parts allow you to add some nice features and functionality to your gaming controllers such as trackpads, scrolling, grip detection, dock detection, and much more.
azoteq gaming-controllers iqs620a
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Kategorie: News Azoteq: Force Touch and Waterproof Button for Earbuds zoteq's IQS269A is an 8 channel capacitive, inductive and Hall-effect sensor. A single IQS269A can be used to add force touch or a waterproof tactile button, swipe and touch gestures, in-ear and magnet docking detection to earbuds.
future-electronics azoteq force-touch
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Kategorie: News Azoteq: Waterproof Inductive Button Azoteq's inductive technology allows you to design a contactless waterproof button. A conventional button has a conductive part that that has to make contact with the circuit to allow the current to flow. Many switches are supported, including sliders, rocker switches and simple snap domes. All sensed contactless.
future-electronics azoteq inductive-button
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