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A full aluminum organic polymer capacitor selection from several manufacturers including Rubycon that can be used as conductive aluminum organic polymer capacitors or solid polymer capacitors.
capacitors aluminum-organic-polymer conductive
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Kategorie: Technik Ceramic multilayer capacitor, Niobium Oxide Capacitor
A large selection of capacitors from several manufacturers when looking for an aluminum electrolytic, organic polymer, ceramic disk, multilayer or single layer capacitor. One can also find a film, mica, tantalum, niobium oxide or supercapacitor.
aluminum capacitor capacitors tantalum rated-voltage
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Kategorie: Technik Audio capacitors, Rubycon capacitors, low esr, Large
A complete selection of aluminum electrolytic capacitors from several different capacitor manufacturers including Rubycon & Nichicon that can be used as multi section electrolytic capacitors, reforming or radial and axial electrolytic capacitors.
capacitor capacitors aluminum-electrolytic rubycon axial
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Kategorie: Technik Multilayer ceramic capacitor, MLCCs, multilayer ceramic capacitors
A full multilayer ceramic capacitor selection that can be used as multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors or any other types of multilayer ceramic capacitors. Manufacturer can be chosen. Manufacturers include AVX & Murata.
ceramic capacitor capacitors multilayer avx-capacitors
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Kategorie: Technik Ceramic disc capacitors, T single layer ceramic disk capacitors
A complete selection of single layer ceramic disc capacitors with several chip manufacturers to choose from such as AVX, TDK, Murata & Vishay. The ceramic disk capacitor manufacturer can be chosen with the website filter.
ceramic capacitor capacitors
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Kategorie: News Specialty tdk ceramic disc capacitors
A complete selection of specialty ceramic disc capacitors with several chip manufacturers to choose from such as Murata, AVX, TDK and Vishay. The ceramic disk capacitor manufacturer can be chosen via filters.
ceramic capacitor capacitors specialty
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Kategorie: News Type of capacitors Illinois, Polyester film capacitor
A full film capacitor selection from several manufacturers such as Illinois Capacitor, Wima & Rubycon that can be used as a polyester film capacitor, metal, polypropylene film capacitor or for any application that requires electronic film capacitors.
film capacitor capacitors what-is-a-film-capacitor
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Kategorie: News Silver mica capacitors, high precision
Mica capacitors are capacitors that offer high precision, reliability and stability. They are available in small values and are generally used at high frequencies and in situations where low losses and low capacitor change over time are required.
capacitor capacitors mica clamped-mica-capacitors
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