Bookmarks zum Tag native-apps What are the Different Reasons for the Growth of E-commerce?
More and more web traffic is generated by smartphones and tablets, driving ecommerce sales. Many major brands make sure that their websites are mobile-adaptive—improving the customer experience—and more often than not they have native mobile apps to make shopping even easier for customers. If your website is not a tablet and mobile adaptive, you will definitely be losing the youth of Generation Z and millennial customers.
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Kategorie: Internet Do you Think E-commerce Discounts are Harmful in the Long Run?
As shoppers, we like to save money where possible, and discounts help give the perception that we’re saving money. If we take a quick look at our email inbox, a lot of the subject lines we see from marketing emails are offering a discount, coupon code, or some kind of monetary incentive to attract customers. However, the reality of discounting can set your business on the course of a downward spiral, as the “race to the bottom” has proven to be an unsuccessful long-term business model."
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Kategorie: Internet What is Better, B2B or B2C Ecommerce?
Online retailers have seen the conversion of the Internet made in the most recent decade. They have seen the difference in individuals moving to the web-based managing of services instead of offline. The progressions have made online retailers a significant thing on the web. For the most part, there are two classifications, B2B and B2C. As an online retailer, you may have heard of these terms, yet how about we look on in a significant manner. Despite which classification that your clients fall into, your business needs the correct inventory management software for the activity.
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