Bookmarks zum Tag nichia Nichia’s Direct Mountable Chip E21A, DMC E21A Nichia’s DMC E21A is the technology of the future. Nichia’s Direct Mountable Chip, E21A, is a packageless LED suited for use in outdoor and indoor applications.
indoor led outdoor dmc-e21a nichia
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Kategorie: News Nichia’s 319A . The 319A is the only 3535 on the market that is a “true” upgrade to the 219C, TX, XPG3, XPL-HI, etc. that shouldn’t affect optics . Its advanced die shape technology enhances optical performance, especially in reflective based systems…
nichia 319a 3535 219c tx xpg3
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Kategorie: News Nichia’s 48X . The Nichia's 48x allows for increased product offerings without increased system complexity or footprints. It’s capable of replacing lower output COB’s because of the 48x High Voltage.
leds nichia 48x cob -hp-replacement parallel-strings high-lumen
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